What Qualifies You for an Insulin Pump?

Insulin Pump: If you have diabetes, the best way to manage it is to live a healthy lifestyle, check your blood sugar levels often, and take insulin if the sugar levels are too low. There are two ways to administer insulin in the body, and you can choose to use multiple injections or pumps.

Managing diabetes is easy if you follow the doctor’s recommendation on the best method that suits your lifestyle. People of all ages have used insulin pumps for a long time. This article will look at an insulin pump, its benefits, and what qualifies someone to use it.

What is an Insulin Pump?

An insulin pump is a medical device used to administer insulin to diabetic patients. The diabetic insulin pump constantly dispenses a small amount of insulin into the body throughout the day and night, helping the diabetic patient control their sugars.

It is a small gadget that can be clipped anywhere on the clothes. And also, has a tube connected to a catheter placed under the skin using a needle. The insulin pump can also give one extra insulin if one misses taking a meal making it easy for you to keep your blood sugars at the desired levels.

Benefits of an Insulin Pump

Using the insulin pump has many benefits for diabetic patients. They include:

  • The insulin pump offers one the freedom and flexibility in managing the diabetics.
  • The pump helps in making diabetic treatment easy and convenient.
  • The pump helps one regulate their insulin intake as the basal rate is set and runs automatically.
  • Furthermore, the insulin pump can supply the body with the exact amount of insulin needed.
  • The pump helps eliminate the many times one has to give the insulin shots in a day because it has a catheter installed in the body, making it easy for the insulin to be dispensed.
  • The insulin pump helps one keep their blood sugars at the targeted levels, helping the patients have fewer instances of low insulin in the body.

What Qualifies a Person to Use an Insulin Pump?

The diabetic insulin pump is not meant to be used by everybody. To qualify to use the pump, one must have Type 1 or 2 diabetes. You also need to use insulin injections to boost the sugar levels in your body. The people who have an A1C that is greater than 7% also qualify to use the pump. Suppose you always forget to take your insulin injections and have very high or low blood sugars. You also qualify to use the diabetic insulin pump as it helps you efficiently manage diabetes.

Why the Insulin Pump?

Choosing to use the insulin pump should not be a lifetime commitment. Instead, one can always go on and off the pump, as they choose other methods like the multiple injections, depending on their doctor’s recommendations.

Therefore, diabetic people need to focus on the methods that help them manage their conditions and get their blood glucose levels high. For example, Tandem Diabetes can help you choose the best insulin pump to regulate your sugar levels.