Pros and Cons of CrossFit

What is a Crossfit?

A CrossFit is defined as a strength and conditioning training system based on constantly varied functional exercises performed at high intensity.

Pros of Crossfit

Help Lose weight

Practicing Crossfit regularly will allow you to reduce the percentage of body fat, especially the so-called fat mass, which will help you lose weight.

This exercise, accompanied continuously by healthy eating habits or as a supplement to a diet, under the supervision of a professional, will help you reach your ideal weight.

Increase your Resistance

Carrying out the Workout Of the Day will improve your cardiovascular and lung capacity. So gradually, you will notice how energy accompanies you throughout the day, and fatigue and tiredness take time to appear. You will be able to do much more in any activity.

It Improves Psychomotricity

Thanks to the movements you will perform, your muscles and joints will acquire greater flexibility.

In addition, your psychomotor skills, such as balance and coordination, will be enhanced, and you will experience greater agility.

For example, this will be a great way to prevent injury.

Strengthens the Muscles

The CrossFit, thanks to its variety of exercises, allows you to work comprehensively on the muscles of your body. This will tone the body’s muscle volume in general.

This work will make you stronger, and for example, you will be able to lift weights more easily.
But not only will you be stronger physically, as you will see later, but you will also be stronger mentally.

A More Streamlined Body

Although the most important thing is to have a good general physical shape, a benefit of Crossfit is that, as we mentioned before, by working all the body muscles globally, little by little, the less developed muscles will reach the muscles with greater development. Thus balancing all muscle

Cons of Crossfit


Some of the proposed exercises can be highly damaging to our joints and even to the tendons.

Special Material

Not in all the gyms are adapted for a Crossfit job. Depending on the city, it will be difficult for us to find a gym that allows us to teach Crossfit modality. If your goal is to train Crossfit, you should go to a center that allows you to develop your routines with a full guarantee.

Non-Specialized Assistants

In many centers, it is not usually practiced how to perform basic weight lifting exercises such as clean & jerk, and when they perform incorrectly, they can be highly harmful to the spine, so try to put yourself in the hands of an excellent professional.

Over Training

If we do not monitor the workloads, or who directs us does not take them into account, it is easy to fall into overtraining, that is, we have exceeded the exercise load limit that our body can assimilate.

Wear and Danger of Breaking

By taking the body to the limit, in the last minute of training, our intramuscular and intermuscular coordination will be reduced. This leads to poor execution of movements and exercises, therefore a danger to our back, muscles, and joints. Try to put the heavy load exercises at the beginning of the training to avoid this inconvenience.

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