Paul Alex’s Leap: Confronting the American Trap to Achieve the New American Dream with Merchant Automation

The American Dream, a storied concept woven into the fabric of our nation’s identity, has long been synonymous with homeownership, stable employment, and the promise of upward mobility. It’s been a symbol of hope and opportunity, embodying the ideal that hard work and perseverance would invariably lead to success and comfort.

Yet, as the world entered the new digital age, this dream began to morph, adapting to the rhythms of a rapidly changing economy. Instead of a single preferred direction that one ought to take, some have championed a different path, one equally teeming with opportunities and space to grow but outside the confines of the normative.

When Paul Alex was immersed in the conventional corporate waters—which he says now feels more like a different lifetime—and later, as a law enforcement officer, he deeply wondered about the traditional concept of the American Dream. Financial stability, a home of his own, marriage, and lifetime employment.

It was a predestined road that, somewhere deep down, Paul Alex believed diverged from what he was truly meant to do. He also thought the career path he’d chosen back then would never offer him the kind of financial liberty he dreamed of. And so, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He would reimagine the American Dream, carve out his distinct path, and build a different legacy that genuinely aligns with his values and philosophies.

“We live at an exciting time where white picket fences and 9-to-5 jobs no longer have to be the parameters of success. The world is teeming with possibilities of innovation, personal fulfillment, and financial independence as we’ve never seen before,” he shares.

As the founder of ATMTogether, Paul Alex has assisted hundreds – or even thousands – of entrepreneurs in building their ATM (Automated Teller Machine) businesses nationwide. He has also tremendously contributed to another field he’s passionate about: digital marketing. Paul Alex has, so far, offered invaluable advice to young entrepreneurs from diverse industries to build and scale their companies.

With Merchant Automation, Paul Alex’s goal is clear: take his efforts and double them, ensuring that his mission reaches – and serves – an even wider pool of business owners as well as consumers, kicking open the door to effective secondary income generation and novel levels of economic independence to all parties involved.

As he points out, Merchant Automation is much more than a simple service – its ladder extends for people from all walks of life to climb toward their version of the American dream. And, quite certainly, when one considers that, in today’s world where the gig economy and self-employment rates are on the rise, Merchant Automation’s models fit like a glove.

So, how does it work exactly?

Essentially, Merchant Automation has brought brand-new rules to the world of credit card processing in the United States. The venture’s primary goal is to eliminate credit card fees for small business owners by leveraging a unique program called the Cash Discount Program. Yet, this program also has many benefits on the consumers’ end.

“By eliminating credit card processing fees for business owners and their small ventures, we help them save hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars every month,” Paul Alex explains. “Conversely, Merchant Automation clients get a certain percentage paid in commission for each credit card swipe from the credit card terminal that is setup at each business nationwide”

IMG 0187 scaled - Global Banking | FinancePaul Alex’s company seamlessly aligns with the shifting American Dream as it moves away from mere financial acquisition and cold transactions and inches closer and closer to nearly complete financial autonomy.

The impact of Paul Alex’s vision extends far beyond the financial successes of Merchant Automation. When thinking about the future, he maintains that his efforts can be combined into one profound principle: setting a precedent, a blueprint for contemporary entrepreneurship that resonates with aspiring business owners and motivates them to redefine what ‘success’, ‘stability,’ and ‘greatness’ can be.

He discusses this in his book, From Blue to Digital Gold: A New American Dream. He maintains that prosperity is a straightforward path and that, though it may not seem so at first, as long as one possesses the grit and resilience that today’s world requires, anyone can escape the old ‘American Trap’ and accomplish anything they set their minds to.

As he puts it, “The definition of wealth has evolved. Now, it’s not just about being a millionaire anymore, it’s about freedom and choice. I hope my journey and life experiences inspire others to follow a similar path and free themselves from the limiting 9-to-5 schedule. Remember: as long as we clearly see what we want, nothing can stand in our way. You can live your New American Dream”