KHK & Partners announces new spin-off Ayala Capital

KHK & Partners announces new spin-off Ayala Capital

  • Ayala Capital will be dedicated to capital-raising activities in the MENA region
  • The MENA region is now the world’s most attractive market in which to raise capital
  • Global asset managers need strategic partners on the ground in the GCC that understand and can navigate the region
  • KHK & Partners CEO calls Ayala launch ‘significant’, adding clients will benefit from specialized approach

Dubai, July 01, 2024 – KHK & Partners is pleased to announce the spin off and launch of Ayala Capital, a newly formed entity dedicated exclusively to capital-raising activities in the MENA region. This strategic move aims to streamline and enhance KHK & Partners’ fundraising capabilities, allowing both KHK & Partners and Ayala Capital to better serve clients, investors and stakeholders.

Ayala Capital will focus solely on providing top-tier capital-raising solutions and services to leading global asset managers seeking to tap into the MENA investor community. By concentrating on its core investment and advisory activities, KHK & Partners will ensure that Ayala Capital operates with a singular focus on capital raising.

Against a backdrop of falling distribution and rising capital-raising challenges in the US and European markets, the MENA region has emerged as a beacon for global investors. This resurgence has been fuelled not only by an influx of petrodollars but also by the successful economic diversification initiatives spearheaded by regional leaders, which calls to mind the economic vibrancy seen in 2008. Notably, the Gulf continues to stand as a net exporter of capital, and is poised to maintain this role due to its sustained economic surplus and strategic financial reserves.

However, effectively harnessing this surging opportunity in the GCC necessitates strategic alliances with local partners who are properly equipped to support such ventures. The increasing sophistication of the region’s investor community demands a profound understanding of market dynamics. Partnering with well-established local entities like Ayala Capital is essential, as its deep-rooted expertise and strategic insights are invaluable for navigating the complexities of capital raising effectively.

Hassan Karimi, CEO of KHK & Partners, said: “The creation of Ayala Capital represents a significant step in our strategy to deliver more specialized and efficient services to our clients. By establishing Ayala Capital as an independent entity, we can ensure that our fundraising efforts receive the dedicated attention and resources they require, ultimately benefiting our clients and investors.”

Ayala Capital already works with prominent global asset managers, including Tikehau Capital, Montana Capital Partners, NewSpace Capital and ShoreVest Partners among others, reflecting the quality of its existing networks and its value proposition to investors, who are both benefiting from and contributing to the firm’s success in the MENA region.

Led by a team of seasoned professionals with a proven track record in raising capital from sovereigns, institutional investors, banks, and family offices in the region, Ayala Capital is committed to maintaining the high standards of excellence and integrity that clients have come to expect from KHK & Partners.

About KHK & Partners

KHK & Partners is a leading investment and advisory firm renowned for its expertise across various sectors, including technology, private investments and finance. The firm offers a wide range of services, including investment management, strategic advisory and now, through Ayala Capital, specialized capital raising solutions.

About Ayala Capital

Ayala Capital is a newly established entity dedicated to capital raising activities, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of top-tier global asset managers. With a team of experienced professionals, Ayala Capital aims to deliver exceptional value through traditional fundraising activities and more strategic initiatives.