How to Start and Grow Your Fitness Email List?

Fitness Business: Do you remember the last time you signed up to receive an email after receiving a pop-up message on a website? After you signed up, what did you receive in your mailbox? A hello email and a series of promotional emails with special deals for subscribers. Well, we bet it’s more than once when you have clicked on such emails.

You sign up for newsletters because you want to receive some information and a discount coupon. This strategy can be used to promote your fitness business.

Using Email Marketing for your Business

Email marketing is the direct way to reach out to your customers, and it can do wonders to retain your customers. The strategy is simple: create and send out informational emails to your customers and potential customers who may visit your gym or fitness center to attract and retain their attention.

Let us look at some of the strategies to help you get started and build email lists:

1. Send an Email to Potential Members that Attend the Free class

Providing a free class can be a way to lure more customers, and many businesses adopt this strategy. The goal is to provide an experience to people and help them understand what you are offering so that they can make up their minds to avail the membership.

If the people are not ready now, you can ideally collect their information on the lead form and send in follow-up emails to remind them about your service offerings and why they should sign up. You may also offer a discount on new packages to lure them. If they don’t reply to the first email, send them a second one with a discount coupon.

2. Stay in Touch with the Current Members and Provide Relevant Information via Email

It goes without saying that your current members are essential for your business. If you are into the fitness business, you can make a difference in the lives of your members by providing them relevant health information consistently. If you want members to provide referrals and invite their friends to join your gym, be sure to consistently add value to their lives via informational emails. You can send weekly emails to the members with information, such as nutrition tracking, meal plans, and exercise guides. You can further customize it by looking at the personal goals of your members who visit your gym.

If your members are happy, they are more likely to pass on the word to others.

3. Collect Email Information via the Lead form on your Website

To collect information related to new visitors, you can use your website. As potential clients are likely to find your website, you would want to have their emails to stay in touch. However, they are unlikely to provide immediate information, but you can nudge them to do so by providing free guides or nutritional trackers.

4. Use Email Marketing Software

You can use email marketing softwares, such as Mailchimp or Aweber, to accelerate your growth. It is an easy way to obtain new subscribers for your business. However, to send them emails, you need to explicitly ask for consent on whether they would want to receive your emails, otherwise, it would be marked as Spam.

So, you can send them an email, asking for confirmation prior to starting to send in weekly emails.

The other benefit of using email software is removing the problem of mass emailing people. So, you can send hundreds of emails freely, and thus, also track their open and click rates.

5. Create Valuable Content

It goes without saying that you need to create informational content. If you are not getting any subscribers, you need to check on the type of content you have been sending. To avoid this problem, create content that is relevant and what a subscriber would like to see. It will prevent people from clicking the unsubscribe button.

6. Draft Emails which are Engaging

It is the good emails that will get results. Crafting an engaging email takes time and effort. There are various aspects related to it, which include a catchy subject line, engaging message, call to action, and personalization.

A catchy line is what the recipient is likely to see. It should seek to engage your recipient quickly and stand out from the crowd. To do so, keep your lines short.

Once you get someone to open the email, you need them to read it. If you are bringing in some new exercise class at your gym, you would want them to read the information. Get them excited to sign up. Try to write as if you are having a direct in-person conversation. Ask questions, keep it revenant, and make sure it is easy to read paragraphs. Encourage your subscribers to sign up or download the current offer. Make your call to action specific and ask your readers to do exactly what you want.

7. Properly Manage your Lists

Keep your email lists up to date. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Add people to the list only after they have confirmed that they wish to receive your emails.
  • Seek permission.
  • Plan out and send updates weekly, to keep them hooked.
  • Select the subscribers who haven’t opened your last five emails.

These are some of the ways you can grow your email fitness marketing list and help achieve your fitness business goals. Whether it is email or use of any social media channel, you need to figure out what you’re trying to achieve and channelize your efforts on achieving it.