Frannexus Redefines Franchise Matching with Algorithmic Approach to Investor-Franchise Pairing

Seth Lederman, a seasoned franchise consultant, has dedicated a decade to revolutionizing the franchising industry. His company, Frannexus, is a testament to his dedication, offering a unique, algorithmic approach to franchise matching and development. His innovative methodologies not only streamline the process of franchise acquisition but also empower aspiring franchisors in their journey toward national expansion.

Frannexus employs a unique, data-driven methodology to connect investors with suitable franchise opportunities. Early in the process, clients submit a confidential questionnaire and psychometric assessment. These are professionally analyzed to predict the client’s compatibility and future performance potential with franchise brands.

“There are a lot of great businesses out there,” Seth says. “Our clients need to have options and choices that resonate with them and to check the boxes they need to have checked once they get clarity on what those boxes are. That way they’ll only be looking at opportunities that make sense for them in the first place.”

Frannexus works in stark contrast to other franchise advisors. The company has a vast online library of resources for clients and potential clients to study. How-to articles, a blog, videos, and even an ebook are all available.

“I think our approach is different. Initially, everyone was buying leads from people on the internet looking at franchises. And that’s a finite pool and everyone’s fighting for the same people. approach,” Seth says. “We’re primarily on LinkedIn as recruiters. And we’re tapping people on the shoulder and saying, ‘Hey, have you ever considered business ownership yet as an investment strategy and not have to leave your job if you don’t want to?’”

Lederman warns business people to research franchise consultants before signing anything. Not everyone has the training, practical experience, background, and awards that the CFE of Frannexus has, and buying a franchise is a huge investment for people.

“I think the barrier to entry is very low,” Seth says. “People can go into a weekend seminar and call themselves a franchise consultant, which is extremely dangerous. Guiding people on mortgaging their home and rolling over their retirement account and borrowing money is the biggest investment people make other than their home.”

Most business people looking to buy into a franchise aren’t familiar with the financial side of this particular business. Frannexus advisors are. Lederman knows the way through this maze of financing.

“Did you know that you can use your retirement funds without any penalties or interest? Do you know that the SBA will fund 70% of that acquisition, you only need 30% of that investment. And that can come from your retirement account without any penalties or interest.”

Lederman has 10 years of experience with Frannexus and has been a business owner several times. 

“They were all my own businesses. I’ve consulted to franchise brands that were on the top one-tenth of one percent of the industry,” Seth says.” So all the awards behind me result from getting the right people into the right business.”

Seth Lederman, who started out as a spine and sports medicine doctor with a booming practice, transitioned into the business realm following a profound realization of his passion for business growth and operational efficiency. Frannexus is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.