Fitness at Home Despite the coronavirus – Tips for your Home Workout

Because of the coronavirus, gyms are now closed. With these practical tips, you can also easily train your body at home in your home workout.

In order to curb the transmission of the coronavirus, events for 100 or more people are prohibited. Indoor pools and fitness center remain closed. But you don’t have to do without sports. With these tips, you can train from home.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Not much is needed for your home workout: just a yoga mat and a jump rope. But even without equipment, you are not lost: the good old gymnastics can do without any equipment.

What types of home workouts are there?

The classics are, of course, push-ups, situps, and jumping jacks. Other training options include planking, in which you lean on your elbows and toes and stretch your body straight, and the “mountain climber.” This workout is becoming more and more popular with online fitness coaches and is recommended more and more because it is highly effective.

The abdominal muscles are trained, and the trunk stabilized. In the faster version, it increases the condition and stimulates the circulation. Planking begins with the push-up position, then alternately pulls the knees towards the chest.

Jumping rope not only burns a lot more fat than jogging but is also particularly good for endurance. One to two minutes of intense bouncing is enough to keep your heart busy. Another home exercise option is yoga. Beginners to advanced find helpful tutorials on Youtube. Yoga provides long-lasting relaxation, can be carried out without equipment, and the calm that arises improves detoxification—an essential requirement for burning fat.

How long should you exercise?

To begin with, you should start with short intervals and increase them from time to time; the best time is for workouts of 30 to 60 minutes. But don’t overwhelm yourself. You feel yourself when you have reached your stress limit. Basically, you should be careful during your workout and listen to your body. Pain is a clear warning signal to stop the exercise immediately. With time, the condition improves, and the training sessions become longer. Make sure you get in touch with high-quality wholesale fitness apparel suppliers to get your hands on the best sportswear.

How often should you exercise?

For a home workout, cardiologists recommend four to five workouts a week, 30 to 60 minutes each. In total, four to five hours of training should come together during the week to keep the heart, body, and mind fit.

Tips for motivation

The right motivation is half the training success. Because the biggest enemy of every athlete is the inner bastard, you can tame him with a positive attitude. It is not easy for many to come home from work and wake up before going to the couch to torture the body. Plus point home workout: just pull the couch into your training! You don’t even have to do without Netflix.

You can easily do push-ups with your feet on the couch; for example, situps can also be done on the soft surface. Simply place the yoga mat in front of the TV to fight boredom, and the training is over with one episode of your favorite series.

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