Booming Bookkeeping Business Expands Training to Six Countries with Positive Reviews

As more people turn to entrepreneurship with the desire to work remotely and develop a healthy family and work-life balance, training and mentorship programs like Booming Bookkeeping Business™ are expanding worldwide. Booming Bookkeeping Business offers lifetime access to training videos, live coaching, and email support to entrepreneurs in six different countries looking to build profitable virtual bookkeeping businesses.

Booming Bookkeeping Business was started by Certified Public Accountant Bill Von Fumetti after achieving high success with his own bookkeeping business. He stated, “I realized I could help others achieve the same level of success by offering my mentorship services.” The first person Von Fumetti assisted was a single mother struggling to provide for her family with a 9 to 5 job. With Von Fumetti’s guidance, in three months, she had doubled her income and quit her stressful job. From there, she left the 9-to-5 scam, and Booming Bookkeeping Business was born

Booming Bookkeeping Business was launched from Von Fumetti’s Southern California home office in 2018 and quickly spread to reach eager entrepreneurial students throughout the country. From there the program took off worldwide and Bill Von Fumetti has now helped students start successful bookkeeping businesses in six countries. “This course knows no boundaries. People from all over are looking to find financial freedom through entrepreneurship, and I’m proud to be part of this global movement,” said Von Fumetti. 

Bill Von Fumetti has helped over 8,000 people become legit entrepreneurs. With his book Keyboard Rich: How Anyone Can Earn Six Figures from Home with a Simple Bookkeeping Business, Von Fumetti literally wrote the book on starting a bookkeeping business and became a Wall Street Journal bestselling author. He has since been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, and Business Insider

With the thorough training and personal mentorship offered through Booming Bookkeeping Business, entrepreneurs gain the opportunity for unlimited income potential and more freedom with their valuable time. Successful student Yilena Anzardo said, “I went from having zero income to being able to afford all of my bills. I’m making my dream happen.” 

Von Fumetti believes that successful bookkeeping businesses are built on two essential pillars: being great and bookkeeping and being great and attracting new clients. The Booming Bookkeeping Business program offers entrepreneurs the tools needed to learn both. To learn more about starting an at-home virtual bookkeeping business with Booming Bookkeeping Business, contact 424-254-8816 or go to