All you must know about Fitness and Why it is much more than going to the Gym?

What does it mean to be fit?

Finding a discrete definition is a bit difficult. According to the dictionary, aptitude means “quality or condition in good shape.”

The word “fit” meaning is: “physically and psychologically beneficial.”If these words are somewhat vague, you are not alone.

According to Exercise Experts

And that’s just what it is, according to exercise experts. Fitness does not necessarily mean that you are an ultra-marathon runner or that you can do a pull-up or a penny. Physical fitness can say different things to different people.

“For me, fitness means above all feeling good and being able to move without pain,” explains Grayson Wickham, a certified strength and fitness specialist, physiotherapist in New York City and founder of Movement Vault, a mobility company, and movement Explain that real physical fitness is about feeling healthy and fit to perform the activities you want to do and live the lifestyle you want.

Can you play with your children or grandchildren? If hiking on the Inca Trail is on your wish list, can you do it? Do you feel comfortable after a day in the garden? Can you climb all the necessary stairs in your life without shortness of breath or take a break?

An assistant professor of internal medicine and sports at the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University in Columbus agrees. “I learned in medical school that fitness is defined simply as your body’s ability to perform tasks.
Today, there is more equipment than ever that fitness enthusiasts can use to track, measure, and track. ”


you have the Body Mass Index (BMI), the resting heart rate, the body fat percentage, the VO2 maximum, the personal recordings (PR) of marathons or 5 km, running times of 100 meters, and bench press heights, he says.

However, physical fitness should not measure by these or other tests or ratings alone, he adds. It is much more complicated.

For example I wouldn’t use a factor (like blood pressure) to measure a person’s overall health, says Dr.Jonesco. Blood pressure is a useful test to control cardiovascular disease, but it does not indicate whether someone has cancer or dementia.

According to the American College of Sports

experts have traditionally defined five critical components of physical fitness:

  • body composition ( the proportion of fat and non-fat mass in your body),
  • cardiorespiratory or aerobic fitness,
  • flexibility,
  • muscle strength,
  • muscle endurance in medicine.

But it also cannot rule out that diet, sleep, and mental and emotional health affect fitness, says Dr. Jeffrey E. Oken, deputy chief of staff at Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital in Hines, Illinois.
That means that looking fit does not mean that you are.

“Some people are obsessed with their appearance and number, but they motivate by their low self-esteem and criticize the deficiencies of their appearance. Some sacrifice rest and sleep to achieve greater success, but again lead their bodies to disease or exhaustion,” says Jonesco.

“Physical fitness is a true range of physical well-being that has to complement our physical and expressive motivations.”

When all the components of the physical state are physically and mentally balanced, we benefit more.

Being Fit increases energy, mood, sleep, and your immune system

Because the physical state is the state in which you are physically able to live the desired happy and full life: the first and most apparent reward for reaching a physical state is a high quality of life.

The research combines the ability with

  •  Increase in energy level
  • A healthier work-life balance, according to a study published in the November/December issue of
    Human Resource Management
  • Greater immunity
  •  Sleep deeper

Some research suggests that improving your physical condition through exercise can help with mild to moderate depression as well as medication.

Staying fit has many positive effects on long-term health

While the immediate satisfaction of physical fitness is incredible, you can’t forget that you haven’t noticed many of the most significant benefits of physical fitness for years or even decades. (Patience, patience.)
For example, studies regularly combine physical form with a longer lifespan. According to a study published in Lancet Oncology’s October 2013 issue, when your body is in shape, your body extends the protective caps of its chromosomes called telomeres.

These telomeres determine how quickly their cells age. It means that they stay in top shape (be fit) to extend their lifespan.

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