6 Rules of Choosing the Right Running Shoes for Women

Running has, over the years, become an integral part of fitness training. As a result, there has been an increase in demand for running shoes leading to mass production from various brands. This has caused market flooding making it hard to pick the best shoes from the unlimited options available. As a woman who is passionate about fitness, you want shoes that will give your feet the much-deserved comfort while running. Besides, comfort, there are other factors that will influence your choice of best cheap running shoes. However, finding the right shoes can be quite challenging if you are not sure about what to look for in a shoe.

This guide gives an outline of 6 basic rules that you should observe when selecting the right shoes that offer a comfortable fit and suit your running needs. And remember, you can also add good shoe inserts that will help you feel your whole body better.

Determine Your Foot Type

Before beginning your search for the perfect running shoes, you first need to know your foot type. Everyone has a different foot type determined by their foot arch. The best way to know your foot arch is by doing a “wet test.” To do the wet test, wet your feet, stand on a paper bag for about 10 seconds and then step off. Now observe the imprint of your foot on the paper bag.

If you see a distinct curve connecting your toes and heel with a band a little less than your foot’s width, you have a normal arch. On the other hand, if there isn’t much of a curve and the imprint shows much of your foot, you have a low arch. For a high arch, you will note a very thin band connecting your heel and toe. In some cases, the band may not be noticeable. Knowing your foot type forms the basis of your shoe selection.

Know Your Gait

Having identified your foot type, the next rule is knowing your gait. Gait refers to the way your foot behaves when you run. There are four main gait types:

  • Severe overpronation: When your heel strikes the ground first and then rolls in excessively. The perfect shoe here is a motion control shoe.
  • Mild overpronation: The outside of your heel strikes the ground first, and the foot slightly rolls on the inside absorbing shock. Here you need a stability shoe.
  • Neutral overpronation: The middle of the heel strikes the ground first, and the foot slightly rolls on the inside. This calls for a neutral cushioning shoe.
  • Underpronation: You hit the ground with the outside of your heel, but instead of the foot rolling on the inside, it remains on the outside. Here you will choose a neutral cushioning shoe as well.

Some shops selling running shoes offer video gait analysis to help you make a wise purchase decision.

Know the Surface You Are Running On

With your gait and foot type already determined, the next crucial thing is knowing the surface you will be running on. If you are training on pavements, go for road shoes with thicker cushioning for enhanced shock absorption. On the other hand, If you are training on pavements, go for road shoes or tennis shoes with thicker cushioning for enhanced shock absorption.

Know the Socks You Will Be Running In

Many people often overlook the idea of running socks, but it is a crucial rule to observe. The type of socks you wear determines the fit and feel of your running shoes. Therefore, ensure that you carry the socks that fits in your shoe while running, although it must be comfortable as well. Avoid wearing cotton socks, as they tend to retain moisture which is likely to cause blisters and hot spots while running. Better to choose sustainable socks which is the best option for runners. Get a well-padded pair of socks that adds extra comfort to your ankle, heel, foot and toes.

Know the Distance You Are Running

When running over long distances, you will need cushioned shoes. On the other hand, if you are running over short distances, you may need a more flexible shoe. Such as, Adidas Yeezy boost.

Does Brand Matter?

Many women are often tempted to go for brands at the expense of their comfort and perfect fit. However, here is an important tip to always remember, when choosing running shoes, do not focus much on the brand. Settle for the shoe that feels comfortable and offers the best fit and the functionality you need.


Running just like any other physical activity calls for a comfortable gear. A perfect running shoe goes a long way in determining your running efficiency. There are many shoe outlets selling different varieties of women running shoes. However, if you want a perfect blend of class and quality, consider getting running shoes from Nike. Nike is one of the popular sportswear brands and a leading manufacturer of quality women running shoes.